Terms and Condition

1.    Standard Leadtime:

1.1    Sample – minimum of 14 working days upon receipt of Purchase Order.
1.2    Production – minimum of 14 working days from receipt of Purchase Order, but will vary depending on volume and the finish of the items.

2.    Payment terms: as per agreement

3.    Developmental charge will be paid for the exclusivity of the customized item requested.

3.1    Charges will depend upon the price of the item.
3.2    Will be terminated and considered null and void if there will be no order of the said item after a period of two (2) years.
3.3     Can be waived with a certain quantity requirement.
3.4    Does not mean client’s ownership of the mold.
3.5    Registration of the patents for all the exclusive items is not inclusive on the developmental charge.

4.    For further details, please contact us.


1.    Finish seen on photos will vary from actual item.
2.    Finish will tarnish at a period of time depending on its exposure conditions.
3.    For Casted items: pinholes, warping and shrinkage variations are the inevitable quality factors.  Therefore, clearance and tolerances should be cleared out and agreed by both parties prior to production runs. 

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